ATS Asphalt Technologies Industry strongly supports and manages Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) as a corporate value and a fundamental human right. The company gives priority to protecting health and safety in all areas of its activities.

ATS Asphalt Technologies Industry systematically evaluates all risks, dangers and risky attitudes towards occupational health and safety requirements and aims to minimize risks and eliminate them at source by determining and implementing effective risk control methods.

ATS Asphalt Technologies Industry accepts as the minimum obligation to comply with the requirements of customers / specifications applicable to the relevant national and international regulations and activities and to follow technological developments. The firm ensures that material and moral resources are mobilized to ensure healthy and safe working conditions.

ATS Asphalt Technologies Industry tries to create a culture of “Preventive Action” on the basis of claiming and sharing the responsibility for the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety regulations in terms of communication, training and moral motivation activities between its employees, subcontractors and related parties.

All personnel working as a team under the coordination of the management ensure that the production is carried out by meeting the Occupational Health and Safety and Quality requirements.

ATS Asphalt Technologies Industry carries out, reviews and develops its activities by using Internal Audit, Performance Measurement and Monitoring Methods, and systematically reporting; It aims to continuously improve the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


ATS Asphalt Technologies Industry has been organized to skillfully manage the technical, administrative and human resources aspects of our business, which may affect the quality of our products and services we offer both domestically and abroad, in order to fulfill all customer requirements determined by the contract terms.

The aim of ATS Asphalt Technologies Industry is to minimize the disruptions that may cause production and service delays, to prevent their recurrence and to achieve our internal and external customer satisfaction goal. In this context, a cooperation environment based on mutual benefit and trust has been established with customers, expert teams, suppliers, employees and other shareholders.

We constantly raise our quality standards, which adopt a systematic approach throughout all processes, evaluate risks and opportunities, manage errors, and constantly review our workflows to ensure the smooth running of the production process.

All our employees are responsible for ensuring that all activities of ATS Asphalt Technologies Industry are carried out under the supervision and responsibility of our management team within the framework of our established quality systems.

We constantly update our Quality Management System, fix possible deficiencies and defects that may affect our work flows, and check with regular audits and performance measurements whether all activities are carried out in accordance with our Quality System.

This policy is constantly reviewed to ensure compliance.