ATS Asphalt Technology Industry Machinery

ATS Asphalt Technology Industry, high-tech asphalt machines and equipment to all regions in Turkey, which provide timely policy and common service to customers is a company founded on providing the asphalt machines.


Technological and high precision production applications give a rich product range in road construction vehicle-mounted equipment, asphalt plant installations and revisions. Asphalt Distributor, Combi, Roley Tank, Snow Plow Vehicle and Salt Spreader, Asphalt Emulsion Production Facility, Polymer Modified Bitumen Facility and Bitumen Storage Tanks productions.


stocks are always improved to deliver its solutions to its customers on time. It works to reduce the supply processes in the shortest time.


ATS Asphalt Technologies Industry continues its production and R&D studies in order to provide the highest technology and the most affordable costs in Asphalt machines.


To meet the asphalt machinery needs of the country, by using domestic and foreign sourced technologies, by producing facilities and equipment with the highest strength; To be the closest solution partner to customers, providing the most common services and supplies in the country.


To become the first asphalt machine manufacturer that comes to mind in the sector.

ATS Asphalt Technology Industry Machinery
Board of Directors