ATS Asphalt Technology Industry

It manufactures asphalt and road preparation facilities machinery such as Asphalt Emulsion Production Plants, Polymer Modified Bitumen Plants, Bitumen Storage Tanks, Mechanical Stabilization Plants.

In asphalt production facilities, it also undertakes Plant Modernization in order to strengthen the manually operated machines with automation and to obtain better quality products by making more precise measurements.

In these studies, the operation of the facility is made more efficient by precisely measuring the materials with electronic flow meters, process monitoring of the system with pneumatic or electric valves, increasing the insulation with the insulation of storage tanks and pipes, and managing the instantaneous temperature values of the tanks with electronic temperature meters from a single control panel.

Equipments that are modernized and added to the facility in line with the need are under the guarantee of ATS Asphalt Technologies Industry for 2 years.

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