Bitumen Drum Decanter

These are the systems that enable the bitumen transferred to the facilities with barrels to be heated and transferred to the system.

Barrel Melting Systems transfer the heat provided from the hot oil boiler to the barrels.

The barrels are loaded into the heating chambers with a double transfer hydraulic system.

The bitumens inside the inverted barrels that move along the hopper are poured into the transfer chamber.

The bitumen accumulated in the reservoir is transferred to the bitumen storage tanks by the bitumen pump.

For energy conservation, all exterior facades are covered with rock wool.

The outer facade is covered with aluminum sheets and measures have been taken against corrosion.

Technical Specifications

Capacity                                      : 2×15 drum/hour x 200 kg/drum

Capacity of reservoir                : 12 m³

Covering Layer                          : Aluminium Plates

Isolation                                     : Rock Wool

Thermal Capacity                     : 400.000 kcal/hour

Hydraulic system                      : 1

Hydraulic cylinder arm             : 2

Dimensions                                : 2210 x 9250 x 2500 mm